About: Beaches

Milos is famous its dentelated coastline. With more than 75 small and big beaches of crystal, deep blue waters, multi-colored carved rocks and white-yellow coasts, it is certain that you will be impressed.

Due to the volcanic origin of its ground, Milos presents an impressive coastal morphology and diversity. There are white-yellow beaches, bays with pebbles surrounded by stones, and white, red, yellow or black rocks. The sea there has distinctive colors and depths and there are organized beaches for swimming or you can choose more isolated and wild ones. It is certain that the island’s clear waters and its beaches of incomparable beauty will offer you an unprecedented experience.

As far as access is concerned, the road network is very good in the north and in most of the south beaches. For those located in the east and west side of the island, getting there is relatively difficult and in the bigger part of the route there is earth-road. Moreover, there are beaches, (such as Kleftiko, Gerakas, Sykia and many more that are not mentioned below) which you can access only by sea, taking part in the sea trips that set out from Adamantas.

Closing, we suggest you choose the beach for your swim based not only on its natural beauty, but also based on the wind’s direction. During the season of the yearly and the north winds it is best to choose beaches located within the bay, or better yet in the south side of the island. On the contrary, when the wind is south, we recommend you visit the beaches in the north side of the island.

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