Local Products

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In case you do not try these foods, you should definitely buy some of it before you leave Milos…

-jars of traditional ‘’glyko koufeto’’, made of pumpkin kernel, honey and almonds, local cheeses, such as dry-cheese, sour cream-cheese, and touloumotyri, made with  artistry, in the traditional manner.

-Melian thyme honey

-delicious sauce made of  Melian tomatoes

– capari

– home made barley and wheat rolls (the barley rolls were made of the new wheat crop, initially they would dunk them into sea water and then they would add tomatoes to them).

Local Products at:


Glykofilema (Bambouni Anezina),            22870-21730

Paradosiaka edesmata(Bihos Panagiotis), 22870-23125


I kibotos ton geyseon (Lillis Nikolaos), 22870-41121/6936954060


Paradosiaka edesmata (Bihos Panagiotis), 22870- 24016

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